"Great session. Came in with an open mind to the experience and was blown away. Definitely not a relaxing experience. If you want to lie there and have someone rub on you then choose a different massage. It was hard work but after my first session I am convinced it is well worth the effort. I had pain in my hip for two weeks, after the first session there is no pain in the hip. There is a lot of general soreness and some tightness that was causing the pain but that tells me I worked hard and the session was a huge success. Jeff was great at explaining what we were doing and why, everything he said made perfect sense. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone serious about improving their body."

---Will Poe, Fuquay - Varina

We are YOUR Massage Therapist in Cary, NC

Massage Therapy is an important component of fitness, and has many benefits for athletes and non-athletes alike. Massage therapy has been shown to increase blood flow and relax the body, so it should logically be an indispensible tool for injury prevention and recovery, such as injuries typically resulting from sports. But unfortunately, massage is only a small component of a typical physical therapy session (if it is used at all). At The Body Mechanic, we have learned that the key to injury recovery, and prevention, is full range of motion movement combined with deep breathing, followed by deep massage therapy. This idea is what lead to the development of our Strength Stretching Massage Therapy. These components will enable your body to heal itself, while training your brain to relax, ridding you of chronic pain and tension. Our sessions are a unique synthesis of sports massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point, and physical fitness training. If you are looking for a massage therapist in Cary, call The Body Mechanic (at 919-907-8179) and experience the difference that our dedication makes. The Body Mechanic is now opening in Cary, NC on 5035 Arco Street (in the new Whole Foods shopping center)! And if you have chronic pain or tension and live in the Cary area, come in and try a Strength Stretching Massage Therapy session. We are so confident that you will love our brand of massage therapy that we guarantee you will feel the difference in just the first session, or you will receive a 100% no questions asked refund!

Strength Stretching Massage Therapy Guarantee

At The Body Mechanic, you receive only licensed and experienced massage therapy. Since massage involves both Science and Art, we believe it is important that the massage therapist be well versed in anatomy, physiology, and human kinetics. That is the science. A good massage therapist also has many years of hands on practice. You will find both at The Body Mechanic. We combine proper scientific stretching and strength training with therapeutic massage, giving our clients a unique experience. Our goal is to restore full range of motion and to prevent future injuries, while erasing muscle tension caused by stress.